Mar 21, 2008

"New" "Guidelines" for Information Architects

  1. Thou shall cut back work and start reading
  2. Thou shall cut back work and start writing
  3. Thou shall start owning content management systems
  4. Thou shall help rosenfeld media in testing books
  5. Thou shall read "Dont make me think" till it is internalized
  6. Thou shall explain to management the difference between wurman and the polar bear
  7. Thou shall not make fun of any "usability guru"
  8. Thou shall realize that there is enough work for 2 lifetimes and be choosy


Lou Rosenfeld said...

These are absolutely fantastic guidelines. No, rules, they should be rules...

Masood Nasser said...

Hey lou, Thanks

Friends: spread the word, the man has spoken


Rakhee said...

Hi Masood,

thanks for these guidelines....must for all follow and implement...especially for 'not so experienced' professionals like me....