Sep 21, 2006

Brand "u"

A brand in today's world has extended from being a mere recognizing factor of a product or service, it is an extension of the persona itself. Here I am talking about a brand in a very holistic way. As a professional, every touch point with my team/client/work is an extension of the brand that is me. What is it that your brand conveys?

You cannot ever fake or put a spin on your personal brand. What you are and where you want to be is reflected in every action of yours. A mask does not work well, it will slip anytime. Your true self will show up. You are a leader by your actions, not by your "title". Your team will respect you, follow you for what values you stand for, and not anything else. Your clients will respect you not for your sweet talking or ego flattering behavior, or how well you "like their way of working", it is for the legacy that you bring.

That legacy is the value that you give them, the integrity in which they trust, knowing that you measure your successes by their success.

Brand "u" is not a "spin". It is a natural extension of your personality.


Sep 20, 2006

The "wow" factor in Customer Experience

As a follow up to the previous post about customer experience and wow!

  • Wow, Finally I have a life: no more calling the IT folks
  • Wow, that was fast!
  • Wow, that did not take much doing!
  • Wow, that was a fast response!
  • Wow, this is too cool
  • Wow, this really makes sense!
  • Wow, now even grandma can use this

Sep 12, 2006

The "Experience Economy"

Am quoting Robin Sharma verbatim from his book " The Greatness Guide"

In this " experience economy" we now live in , the customers
must be taken from a journey from start to finish that makes them
go "wow"

Robin has beautifully articulated what every User Experience or Customer Experience professional should strive for. The wow factor. Will write more about it in my next post. And soon. Promise! Scout's honor!