Mar 13, 2007

Better Content Management through Information Architecture: my article published on Boxes and arrows

My article "Better Content Management through Information Architecture" was published last week on Boxes and Arrows.

Content Management Systems promise so much: content is easier to publish, easier to update, and easier to find and use. Lots of promises, but do CMSs really deliver? I examine why Content Management Systems often fail and shows how Information Architecture can come to the rescue. This is the first part of the paper that contains the 4 crucial elements to consider in a CMS implement/Design.


Raj said...


Your boxes and arrows link is not working. Also lookinto my blog. It is Suggest Usability. Leave your comment here.

Masood Nasser said...

Thanks Rajesh,

Fixed the link. Have seen your blog, it's interesting.


Nadia said...

Its nice sharing!