Jul 16, 2006

Enterprise Information Management problems

Information is the key differentiator in today’s economy. The right information at the right time could make the competitive difference.

What are the biggest problems facing enterprise information management today?

Where could the impact of mis-management of information systems be felt. Planning to write something on this issue based on my past expereince...

Jul 10, 2006

Customer Behavior, Strategy & User Research

Today's customer has an amazing amount of choice of products and services at his/her fingertips. The wealth of information that they have is empowering them to call the shots.

Customer Behavior is becoming increasingly unpredictable today. Loyalty is at a premium. People are not hesitant to change brands at the slightest pretext/opportunity/benefit. There is a plethora of choices available. What is the differentiator? The Experience.

What does this mean for organizations/ Entrepreneurs?
It means that customer needs/ aspirations/have to be at the forefront of their business strategy. And the magic mantra for doing it is user research. Neglect it at your own peril.