Aug 12, 2006

Monica-the Closet Information Architect

Love friends and never tire seeing re-runs of the same. The more I see Monica, the more I am convinced that she is a closet information architect.

Let’s start with her natural affinity (or fetish) for packing. Have you ever seen the way she lists items in categories. This goes on and on like this blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and more blah! It is hilarious, and shows her compulsive obsessive behavior for listing and categorizing. Then comes the organizing items in their natural (to her) respective categories

Another re-run recently has Joey and chandler discussing about Monica’s categorization of towels of different textures, feels, etc. Soft, semi soft, hard, and so forth

But, the recent trends in IA would not have Monica happy at all. Yes, I am talking about Folksonomy (tagging, where users themselves categorize pages, or photos, etc, like flickr etc.)

Sacre blue, me myself and I (Monica) can be the only one who can categorize… this is a specialist’s job. Do not leave categorization to the plebeians. How can they even think of such a thing…who will love me if everyone does the same thing..:-(

This is a complete absurd post. Do not take it seriously. Chill!!

Any more points on the IA in Monica would be welcome



Rahul said...

Spot-on Masood!
This ties in so well with what I had heard once, that people with obsessive compulsive disorder are very good with packing/categorizing etc.
Does this mean, shrinks and information architects would never get along?

Masood Nasser said...

that's interesting Rahul

I would love to know your source of information about the link bewteen obsessive compulsive... and IA..

and too add to that I would say that there are two types of IA's, one that gets bogged down in nitty gritties and have to get the last category down to the "T", while the other kind has a more holistic view and is comfortable with a less structured and felxible IA. My bet is that the first category would not get along well with a shrink..:-) my god.. we have completely lost it..