Mar 21, 2008

Leadership Grooming: part one

Being groomed in leadership by exceptionally good teachers. My son rayhaan, neices raahat, Aisha, and nephews Armaan and Zara.

What do leaders require? ( among other things)

  • Clarity: Absolute must. for everyone, more for leaders. Sadly lacking in many
  • Naivete: Will encourage wishful thinking. Absolute msut for growth
  • Positive Intluence: enough said
  • Focus: nothing can be done without it
  • Command Attention: must have. Most people fear and follow, sadly this should never be the case
  • Love: A leader has people who love, respect, and would do anything..well almost.

Please wait for the 2dn part of the article. Will pen my thoughts in detail. and please comment. pleeaaze. :-0

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