Mar 12, 2008

The Book all User Experience professionals must read

The Book all User Experience professionals must read: " Gurus on marketing" by Sultan Kermally. You will not find a book that will summarize Peter Drucker, Theodore Levitt, Micheal Porter,Philip Kotler, Tom Peters, George Day, Jagdish Sheth, and Thomas.T Nagle so brilliantly.

If you are asking why should a User Experience professionals read these books, then my friend, you are in serious trouble.

We ( UX, OLM, Analytics, Product folks, Designers) own perhaps the most valuable real estae which is perhaps the cheapest to buy. Think about the responsibility we have. Go on, think about it



Mohammed Ali said...

Hi Mac, you were suppose to tell me more about the project, well anyways, if you have time let me know what we can do together and how can I help.
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Masood Nasser said...


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