Aug 15, 2006

Entrepreneurs/ Product Managers – Realizing the importance of ease of use in increasing customer adoption

Happened to meet an entrepreneur on a recent flight. We got talking about work and the topic went on to his business. He gave some information on his product which was basically storage solutions. After which I asked him as to how he would differentiate it from the other products in the market.

This was his reply: The average time taken for data recovery using his product would be a whopping 400% less than the market product. How: Ease of use?

The dude has completely concealed the technical complexity of the product and the interface is a ridiculously simple process that requires absolutely zilch in terms of effort spent by end users in learning the solution. Therefore, instead of the features lists/technologies, if Entrepreneurs / Product managers could focus on the learnability and ease of use of the product, their products would have a greater chance of customer adoption.


Hiren said...

You are bang on target. This concept is very well presented in Peter Drucker's "Innovation and Entreuprenurship".

kk said...

Interesting thought... Nice post!

Masood Nasser said...

thanks for stopping by

Peter really does make sense doesnt he ;-) I used his quotes in an HCI conference where I presented on innovation frameworks and it was very well received

Masood Nasser said...

thanks for stopping by..
and thanks for the kind words!