Mar 6, 2008

Problems with “leader’s”: Part One

Problems with “leader’s”

Have had the good fortune to move into a role where I have the opportunity to groom leaders. What I am saying is not rocket science at all, In-fact everyone knows these things. It is just that we are not “aware”. There is a difference between knowing and awareness. One of my most important role is to groom leaders. With that in mind, understanding their psyche is very important. These are some of my observations as to why leaders fail:

Perhaps the most crucial element that destroys a leader and his team is the leader’s insecurity.
Insecurity of people overtaking him/her.
Insecure in the feeling of giving knowledge feeling that his subordinate might “overtake him/ her
Insecure in his/her ‘position”
Losing control is the biggest fear of the clueless leader. You cannot control anybody. Remember the commies Their biggest fear in life was losing control and they have ruined an entire generation by their weird indoctrinations and philosophies.
Craving for Respect
Respect is one thing that can never be demanded. The clueless leader will crave for respect which he/ she will never get.
Need to know:
A clueless leader will always feel the need to know everything without which he/ she will always feeladequate. One does not need to be in the “know” about any and everything. They say “knowledge is power”, but I don’t think much about it. How you harness it is what gives you the power. A good leader has to harness that power
Feeling Loved
A clueless leader will always feel that he or she needs to be “loved”. Poor self esteem makes a person feel the need to be loved because he or she feels that he she has not received the love that he/she deserves.

Every body who has ever lived has some or all ofthese feelings. It is when we learn to surmount them that we reach nirvana and become real leaders.

God bless and god speed. Please tell me what you think about this


Alok Jain said...

Hey Masood,

The points you have written about are god, but are not specific to leaders, anyone on an organization with such attributes can fail.

One aspect to look at would be how do you define a leader, differentiating it managers. The goals of a manager and leader are different - and I don't mean to say that they are different roles in same organization, but depending on org culture you'll find more of one or the other.

You are exploring very important areas.. as always.


Masood Nasser said...

you are right Alok. there was a certain context to this post:-)

And about managers and leaders, it is the underlying conflict that can be devastating for organizations. How is it that they can co-exist is something which I am trying to learn. It would eb very easy to say that we need only leaders, but is it posible today to get tht kind of talent?