Mar 28, 2008

How Linkedin is changing the world

How Linkedin is changing the world

Once upon a time in the not too distant past when monsters were rampant, dices rolled, jobs were ahead and naukris were scarce, the world was a very different place.
this was a world were the seeker hid his work from the wise ones. The seekers were so afraid that it actually became difficult to get the right wisdom.
paranoia ruled and secrecy made tons of gold.
Then came the knight in shining armor, sir linked; upon the steed he came and then a Kawasaki. All hell broke lose. The council gathered, discussed, and then it was decided that
sir transparency is the order of the day. Well, they are working on it:-)
The person to give the best comment will get a painting from me, which is something that will give you immense joy and add to your networth (albeit in a small wayfor now)


Dev Kumar said...

Yeah mate, you hit it right where it matters. But it's also true that secrets would be around for as long as humans last. By setting in motion a trend of transparency, Linked In has shown the way to make life simpler.

Sushmita said...

transperancy yes... all resulting in empowerment of the seeker, elimination of the middlemen and stripping naked of the pretender.

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