Mar 31, 2008

The future of web businesses

The future of web businesses
Warning: nothing new for the wise

Marketing is dead. Long live marketing
Enough has been done and said about marketing campaigns and TV spots et al. Money, and tons of it is being spent in the wrong direction. We do not need to entice or woo users, or attract. That is so 2002. We need to go where they are. They are on Google, face book, my space,
and tons of other sites. Why are we creating barriers to entry? Why not go where they already are? Why spend money on advertising when we can do something for the community. plant trees, save the girl child?

Products are dead. Long live Products
It is very simple actually. The focus should be on your products. They should be designed by your customers. CEO's ,Designers, marketeers, get out of office. Play, live, and let the thoughts flow. And do not design products, read Adaptive path, please

Social networking is dead. long live social networking
Why compete. Competition is for the needy. Collaboration is for the wise. Think about it. The who's who of the social networking world collaborate.

Watch this space for a detailed paper on the The future of web businesses

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