May 13, 2006

Language of business – for UX professionals.

In customer interactions, there is only one way to get your customers attention. The language of business. Many a times UX, or for that matter IT professionals have a condescending attitude towards customers and their business needs. After all, we are the “experts”. We know what’s right for their users. We have the best solutions, We are the tech gurus.



We are being called to provide solutions that will impact our customer’s businesses. They will draw a definite blank or will not be able to sustain interest in our ramblings if we harp on user research, contextual enquiries, card sorting etc. Not all clients are aware of usability methods and techniques, and they need not be. We have to articulate how these techniques will impact their business. Then they will listen. Even when presenting ideas, always make a point with a business case, never because some usability guru said so.

We have to get out the “consultant/ Expert” mode, and start forming partnerships with our clients. Treat their business as your own, and their success as your success. This is not an idealististic harp, but a pragmatic way of business in today’s world.So, are we prepared to talk the language of business

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Austin said...

Have you read Ram Charan's "What the CEO wants you to know"? It was recommended by Christina Wodtke some time back on her blog, Elegant Hack.

I picked it up, and it was a great primer on what's important to a business.